January 27, 2022

“Last Thursday was my first fundraising event.  I am humbled by all the comments and support I received.  Thank you to all who attended including Assembly member Kelly Seyarto, Mayor Jonathan Ingram, Mayor Pro Tempore Lisa DeForest, former Mayor Gene Wunderlich and his lovely wife Lisa, former mayor Randon Lane, former Mayor Alan Long and Council Member Cindy Warren.  Several others not named are just as important as those I mentioned.  All of your support is what makes this possible.”

It’s an honor to serve!

–Ron Holliday

Kelly Seyarto, Assembly Member 67th District 

Jonathan Ingram, City of Murrieta Mayor

Alan Long, Former City of Murrieta Mayor & Council Member 

Randon Lane, Former City of Murrieta Mayor & Council Member

Dennis Hollingsworth, Former State Republican Leader

Jeff Stone, State Senate, 28th District (RET) 

Dan Liegh    Dan Stephenson    Larry Markham    Won Yoo

Joan Sparkman • Cindy and Andy Domenigoni    Eric Curran