Melissa Melendez
Senator, 28th District

Kelly Seyarto
Assembly Member, 67th District

Mike Hestrin
Riverside County District Attorney

Chad Bianco
Riverside County Sheriff

Jonathan Ingram
Mayor, City of Murrieta

Derek Huss
Murrieta Police Officers Association

Dr. Lisa DeForest
Mayor Pro Tem, City of Murrieta

Cindy Warren
Council Member, City of Murrieta

Randon Lane
Former Mayor & Council Member
City of Murrieta

Alan Long
Former Mayor & City Council Member, City of Murrieta

Dennis Hollingsworth
Former State Republican Leader

Jeff Stone
State Senate, 28th District (RET)

Joan Sparkman
Community Leader

Doug McAllister
Former Mayor & City Council Member, City of Murrieta

Ashlee Dephillippo
City Council Member, City of Wildomar

Murrieta Firefighters
IAFF Local 3540

Murrieta Police Officers Association


“Since being elected to public office I have always been open about my positions on issues that face our communities – even when those positions may not have been popular. As an elected official, it is our duty to be responsive to those who have given us their voice to represent them and make decisions on their behalf. Last night Christi White, candidate for the Murrieta City Council, District 2, was asked a question about her position on an issue. Instead of answering truthfully and openly, she chose to dodge the question by providing a political answer that gave the voters no indication of her position. I cannot, in good faith, continue to support a candidate who refuses to provide their own position when asked a specific question on an issue. I have rescinded my endorsement of Christi White and I am announcing my full endorsement of Ron Holliday for Murrieta City Council, District 2. It is imperative that those entrusted with representing the will of the people be truthful and open in their opinions, and have the courage to make their positions known, regardless of how popular those positions may or may not be. Voters have a right to know exactly who they are electing.” 
– Melissa Melendez, Senator, 28th District

“I have known Ron Holliday for a long time.  He is honest, trustworthy, intelligent, has a great deal of life experience and is also very knowledgeable about Murrieta and it’s history.  With his financial services background, he understands how important it is to guard our taxpayer dollars. Ron knows how to listen to people and I am confident that he will be great at working in a constructive and respectful manner with other councilmembers and our talented City staff to move Murrieta forward.” 
– Kelly Seyarto

Assembly Member, 67th District

“Ron understands the importance of prioritizing public safety. As one of the safest cities in the nation, he’ll continue to support Police & Fire with necessary quipment and training.”

– Mike Hestrin
Riverside County District Attorney

“I’m honored to endorse and recommend Ron Holliday for Murrieta City Council. I can attest to his strong work ethic and absolute integrity, he is not afraid to back up his beliefs with commitment of his time and effort. Ron exhibits a remarkable balance of attention to detail with practicality. He will be able to deal with a variety of people and personalities. I believe he will be of great value to our City Council and the citizens of Murrieta.”

– Jonathan Ingram
Mayor, City of Murrieta

“Ron has been a pillar of the community for 20 years.  His focus on guarding the city’s finances, keeping our city safe and community are what’s needed now!”

– Randon Lane
Former, Mayor and Council Member, City of Murrieta

“I am proud to endorse my friend Ron Holliday for Murrieta City Council District 2.  I have known Ron for more than 25 years and he shares my conservative family values and will use his vast economic and investment knowledge to help the City of Murrieta successfully navigate forward in the years to come as a Murrieta Council Member.”

– Jeff Stone
California State Senator, (retired)
Former US Dept of Labor Regional Rep. Western United States
Former Supervisor, Riverside County, 3rd Dist
Former Temecula Mayor & Council Member

“When I think of my friend Ron Holliday of thirty years I think honesty, integrity and loyalty. I am delighted that an individual of his caliber is willing to serve!”

– Joan Sparkman
Community Leader

“In a world where too many times the wrong people run for office because the right people have better things to do, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see a leader of Ron’s caliber step up to serve! Ron’s multi-decade history in support of what is best for Murrieta coupled with his no-nonsense and grounded approach to identifying solutions is just what we need today. Ron is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t need a title.  He simply believes it is an honor to serve. He is right, it is. And so I am thrilled to endorse him for Murrieta’s City Council and I hope you’ll vote for him, too.”

– Doug McAllister
Former, Mayor and Council Member, City of Murrieta